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Definitions for some of the more commonly used terms and phrases in the gun debate.

"Assault Weapons"Go

What is an "assault weapon"?

An AR-15, M1 Garand or M1 Carbine? A Winchester Model 100, Remington 11-87 or Marlin Model 60? Maybe pump-action rifles and shotguns, too?

"Large" MagazinesGo

Some anti-gunners call even a two-round gun "large."

Gun control supporters claim they know how many rounds of ammunition a person "needs" for self-defense,
but Americans can decide that question for themselves. 

Myths vs. FactsGo

Setting the record straight on "assault weapons" and magazines.

There is much misinformation being circulated by politicians, media and gun control activists on these
important firearm issues — this section tackles some of the most population misconceptions.

Latest News

Pro-gun voters put heat on rural Democratic senators

From Montana to Louisiana, these anxious voters have made at least six Democratic senators a little uneasy heading into next year's election season. Both sides are aware that gun owners' rights are taking shape as a campaign issue that could shift the balance of power in the U.S. Senate. Full Story

NRA: Obama's State of the Union shows true colors on "gun violence"

Continuing his charge against the Obama administration on gun control proposals, Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association charged Thursday that President Barack Obama's proposals in the State of the Union address were "not about keeping kids safe at school" but rather part of a broad campaign to "dismantle the Second Amendment."

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Lott: The truth on background checks

Gun control "deserves a vote," President Obama said time and again in his State of the Union speech on Tuesday. Sadly, the measure Congress is most likely to pass -- beefed up background checks -- may cause more harm than good.
First, checks obviously won't do anything about gun crime in cities like Chicago or New York, which revolves almost exclusively around illegal guns.

Full Story

The State of the Union gun grab

President Obama's State of the Union speech Tuesday was carefully staged to promote his gun grabbing second term agenda. Arrangements were made so TV cameras would pan to the faces of victims of gun violence in the House galleries. Emotional drama, as opposed to reasoned argument, is the primary weapon in the administration's campaign to undermine a fundamental constitutional right.

Full Story


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